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#6 Jimmy J. Jazz - Facecömic: FidoNet messaging vs. Internet e-mail (the 16th of March, 2011)

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I was on trip from Monday noon to Tuesday morning.

My customer called me Tuesday 10 a.m. and she asked me if I had read her e-mail she had sent to me on Monday afternoon.

When I started to work with PCs on the 1980's, we had world wide net of private computers called FidoNet. It was sort of Internet with Social Media, but anybody having a PC, a modem and a normal voice phoneline could join. There were thousands of private PCs all around the world changing messages.

The system was built to, that:
  • people phoned to node, hub or host during day time or on evening
  • nodes phoned to hubs, which phoned to hosts, which phoned to each other and handled international calls.
This was done twice a night, which ment that every message was delivered in every part of the world within one day!

We should get rid on Internet and change back to FidoNet. In that case if my customer writes me an e-mail on Monday afternoon, whe will know that I will get it on Tuesday and I will have time for the whole day to reply on it, and she will get my answer on Wednesdat.

This will help us to get rid of the unneccessary panic and plan things better.

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