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#2 Jimmy J. Jazz - Facecömic: Social Media and friend requests (the 11th of February, 2011)

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Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allow you to set up the visibility of most of the information you publish of yourself, but not all.

It is not wise to show most of your personal information to everyone, and you should allow only the people you accept to your personal contacts to see more.

I tried to divide people in two different groups:
  • personal "friends" are handled through Facebook
  • people I do ot have done business with are handled through LinkedIn.
This worked well in the beginning, but because my "friends" and "business contacs" are also cross-contacted by themselves, I receive more and more contact reuqests to "wrong" systems, where I want to have a different role.

If I do not accept these contacts and add them to "wrong" system, they might not want to be my "friends" or "business contacts" anymore in the real life.

Of course there are filters in these systems, but they do not always work. The only solution is to publish neutral information to both systems, so no-one gets upset.

This means that I cannot tell my political or religious opinions or discuss of other interesting "I hate" sort of topics in Social Medias.

So Social Medias make the world more positive, as it actually is!

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