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12. Jimmy J. Jazz - Facecömic: Facebook vs. Twitter vs. LinkedIn (the 4th of May, 2011)

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The differences between...

1. Facebook's market value is the greatest of these at the monent. Basic idea is to five "Status Updates" of what you are doing at the moment and receive "Comments" and "Likes" from "friends" you are connected to. Some people play games, which are available.

2. Twitter is focused on "micro communication" with 140 character long messages. Some visionary people are using it to build a better world. Only 5 % of my Facebook friends are using it.

3. LinkedIn is ment for the "old hackers", who have been in telecommunication business more than 20-25 years. It's a worklife oriented channel. I think that all of my friends can be found here, even those who say that they hate Social Medias. It's funny how people always start to connect rapidly when they are about to change job.

Which Social Media is best for you? Hard to say. I think that it's a good idea to join them all and give one evening of your life for each media to solve them out.

Even one of them might change your life forever. 

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